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To extend, or not to extend, that is the question.

Sometimes, in life, what we've got just isn't enough. It's not tall enough or short enough. Thin enough or thick enough. Big enough or small enough.

Long enough...or short enough.

(Now get your mind out of the gutter there, you fellow Getaway Girls...)

Such is the case with my hair.

As a little girl, I wished for my own blonde locks to grow long and bouncy like Malibu Barbie's hair.

Then, as a preteen, I watched the original Charlie's Angels bounce and flounce around the television screen in bikinis, their long locks flowing behind them. It didn't take me long to recognize the fact that even though I thought Kate Jackson was pretty and her character very smart, SHE didn't have a pin up poster on the ceilings of teenaged boys across the country. Farrah Fawcett, on the other hand (or whichever hand those young boys were using), with her long, flowing locks of gold, was the subject of many teenaged fantasies.

So, at some point in my early 20s, I decided to "grow out" my hair. Who among us gals hasn't decided to do that at some point? So grow I did. And my wait for long hair began.

And I waited. And waited. And then I waited some more.

By the time I hit 30, I knew it was never gonna happen. I was destined for a life of barely-touching-my-shoulder-length hair. And that would be okay if it wasn't so baby fine and thin.

No bounce. No flounce. No long golden flowing locks. Patti was just not destined to be the subject of many teenaged boy fantasies.

Big sigh.

Such was my destiny until recently, that is.

Last fall, I bought extensions. Hair extensions. Long, lovely, blonde, golden, bouncy, flouncy extensions.

Immediately after I made the purchase, the hair sat in the box in my bathroom closet, looking silky and long and beautiful.  I was afraid to wear it because I thought I would ruin it. My own hair could only hope to ever look so smooth and glossy.

I finally broke down and took the hair to a beautician, who snapped the clips onto my head, cut some layers into the extensions, and wa-la!

Patti had hair!

However, though the long, straight hair looked kind of 60s-hippie chic, I wondered if it didn't make me look like a 45-year-old trying desperately to look like a 25-year-old, or like a sad, worn out cougar with long hair.

But, every few weeks, I felt brave enough to clip on the hair and venture out of the house, long locks straight and snappy looking.

Then came Valentine's Day.

My fiance, Mr. Organization and I, were headed to a formal dinner dance. We were even holed up in a fancy hotel room for the night. So while he lounged around on the bed watching NASCAR and old Andy Griffith shows,  I spent time in the bathroom doing all of my girly stuff. I dug the extensions out of my overnight bag and gave them a look.

"Hmm..." I thought. "Too bad I've never had long hair and I don't know how to curl it and make it big..."

Wait a minute. This is me. I spent nine years of the 80s in college. If anyone on this planet knows how to make big hair, it's me. I buy stock in AquaNet.

So, I clipped in the straight, super-sheeny locks. Then, after only about 15 minutes of wrestling with two curling irons and several dozen hair clips...


Big hair. The biggest hair that had ever been on my head. Totally 80s, totally curly, totally wavy and totally Charlie's Angels 70s and 80s hair.

Ohhhhh yeaaaaahhh...

And, as if reliving my youthful dreams 20 years after the fact wasn't enough, a number of people have told me, "You look soooo much younger!" with the extensions on my head.

And, as I stare at my 45-year-old reflection in the mirror with my sad, pathetically thin, Middle-Aged-Mom hair hanging from my head (tho' I'm not even a mom!), I am wondering if there's not something to this trying to look younger deal...

So now, two months later, comes the bigger question: Do I go "semi-permanent" with the extensions and get extensions placed on my head that my hairdresser puts in and that stay woven or glued or French braided and French kissed to my scalp? Or do I stick with the occasionally, when-I-feel-like-it clip ins?

The funny thing is, I'm basically a no-fuss, no-muss gal. I spend more time on the water sailing all summer than I do on dry land. I never give a second thought to wind blown or ski-cap blown hair. I just throw on a baseball cap and call it a day.

But:  At heart, I AM a girly-girl who loves wearing makeup, my toenails haven't been naked and without nail polish since 1998, and I dare anyone to a draw to beat the wattage on my supersized blow dryer.

Soooo...fellow Getaway Girls and Getaway Guys: Do I go with the permanent extensions and big hair for the summer, or do I stick with my no-fuss, no-muss, but boy do I look like a 45-year-old shoulder length hair?

I want you, my dear readers, to help me decide!

Your comments and votes are appreciated!  Can't wait for your response!


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