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Lazy Daze of Summer

Okay, one of the great things about working from home is, well, working from home.

One of the bad things about working from home is, well, working from home.

On days like today--gorgeous, sunny and 75--it is very difficult to look out the window at the blue skies and sunshine, listen to the birds sing, feel the warm kiss of a summer breeze on my skin, and smell the strong, fragrant aroma of newly blossoming flowers and just, well, sit here. And work.

All day long.

Not that I don't occasionally get up and walk around. I just took a strawberry break on the deck...and it was soooo hard to pull myself up from the deck sofa and amble my way back into the house.

I do, at least, have the option of wearing casual, summery comfortable clothes while sitting at the desk in my home office (am currently in comfy denim capris, a cap sleeve t-shirt and my flippy floppies, and wishing I was on a mutha-f-in boat!)  :) (extra kudos to those of you who know what song I am quoting...).

And then, of course, there is this time of the afternoon (2, 3 p.m.ish) when my brain just kind of starts to power down...I find my fingers resting on the keyboard, my eyes staring at the squirrels chasing each other in my neighbor's yard, and absolutely nothing going through my brain. And I mean nothing. Nada. Uhn thoughts of anything. Just staring at the squirrels and, at best thinking, "Are they having fun?"

Am I having fun?

Normally, I enjoy my job and feel fortunate to have it. However, all of the freedom that I am given by self employment is also countered with all kinds of constant financial worries regarding my workload vs my income (is it enough?), making sure I can pay my monthly bills, and just, in general worrying about my business surviving.

There are days when I think I should trade it all for a steady paycheck once again.

And then I look out the window at the squirrels and feel the warm breeze moving across my skin and I look down at my mutha f-'in flippy floppies on my feet and I know I wouldn't -- I really couldn't -- give up my current employ.


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