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I've got a secret.

I hide my "friends".

The friends I'm talking about are my Facebook friends, many of whom are my actual friends in my real, actual, 2009 life.  But, truth be told, not all of them are -- or, in some cases, ever were -- my real life friends. And so, instead of "not friending" them, as some people choose to do, I simply choose to let it all hang out and let them be my friend if it makes them feel good to be my friend, and then I simply "hide" them.

In case you didn't know it, Facebook has this nifty little tool that allows you to "hide" the wall postings of a friend and so you don't see all of their blatherings on and on on your homepage. A person remains your "friend", but you don't have to get bored reading his or her crap.

By now, pretty much everyone on the planet has a Facebook page. This includes my 72 year old father, who is, indeed, one of my Facebook friends. (And no, he is not "hidden.")

But here's the deal:  I've really enjoyed Facebook. It's been a great daily communication tool w/my close friends from the community in which I live. I belong to a local yacht club and many of my pals from the club and the Detroit sailing community (hey there PHYC members and all other sailing buds from Detroit Rock City...howyadoin'???) are members of Facebook. I've also enjoyed it for keeping in touch w/my family members, who are spread across the country (how ya doin' Fiance' Dale, Brother Dale, Michelle, Cynthia, Michael and Dad?). And, of course, I've really gotten a kick out of it for the reacquaintance it's provided w/long lost friends from high school and college. I've heard from friends I hadn't heard from since the day we walked across the stage, shiney new diplomas in hand. And it's been fun "catching up."

And then there are the others, who I've chosen to "hide."  :)

For example: Gal I went to high school with who never writes anything on her status update except cheesy quotes, all of which are related in some way to the makeup company she works for. Yup, she's a low level sales gal. Since she never actually talked to me in high school, I was really scratching my head when she asked to befriend me on Facebook. So curiosity got the best of me and I agreed to let her be my friend. And then came the quotes and the sales pitch about makeup.  Okey dokey then.  Hidden. I am now relieved of her cheesy overdone quotes and her cheesy, overdone face.

The same goes for a few former coworkers whom I never really cared for in the first place, but whom asked to be my friend. Again, at the time, I scratched my head and thought, "Why? I didn't think we were really and truly 'friends' when we worked together. We were stuck together due to circumstance." But I friend them, take a look, get tired of them on Facebook the same way I got tired of listening to them blather on in conference rooms years ago and then I ... hide them. 

Okay. So by now some of you are wondering, "Why friend them at all?"  And here's the deal: I've always been a pretty open book. I'm not really a super private person. I acquired a boyfriend once because he overheard me loudly (and probably drunkenly) blathering on and on to my bff about vibrators. So, privacy and subtlety have never been my strong point. Boisterous, loud and open have always been my motto.

So w/Facebook, unless at some point in life you have REALLY pissed me off, I will friend you. If it means something to you to find out what the heck Patti is doing these days after we didn't bother to keep in touch over the past 20 years, then go forward, feel free to review and critique my profile, my pictures and my life. But don't count on me bothering to look at your profile in much detail. And that doesn't mean I won't eventually "hide" you.

Now, any of you who happen to be my Facebook friends are probably wondering, "Hmmm...have I made the cut?"

Those of you who are thoughtful enough to even wonder for a millisecond if you did or didn't don't have to worry. You're not hidden. You're right out in the open for me to see every post you make on your page. I WANT to see what you're up to. I'm GLAD to hear from you. I make the occasional comment regarding your status updates, photos or quiz results. Plus, I've been reacquainted with some truly wonderful people from my past. We now exchange the occasional quip on our walls and it reminds me of why we became friends in the first place all of those years ago...and makes me wonder why we ever lost touch.

But as for the rest of you...who are tryin' to sell caked on makeup by friending as many as possible, or those of you who were really too cool for Patti back in school, ferget it. You're hidden from my sight...and my site.

Much love to all of my "real" friends...and you know who you are. Patti  :)


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