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Get Down Tonight: Get Back to the 70s

Okay, so over the weekend, when I finally had a moment of peace and quiet, I sat down on my deck w/a nice, tall glass filled w/ice water and put my feet up and sat down to review -- with great anticipation, mind you -- the JCPenney fall catalog.

Now, I'm not talking about the little measley, smeasley sale catalogs you get in the mail every other week. I'm talking the Mother-Ship catalog that comes out only in the spring, fall and at Christmas time (tackling the Xmas catalog filled w/toys is an entirely different blog entry yet to come).

See, I'm no fashionista. I don't shop at Macy's (much) and I've never really "gotten" the fashion offered at Target. I do love TJ Maxx, but I've gotta be in the mood for picking through the racks to find that ever-so-fabulous fashion find...something truly unique with a designer a price I can actually afford.

So to me, the great thing about JCPenney's is it is truly an "every woman" store. If you need some of life's basics: a pair of dress slacks or a blouse or a stock of summer tank tops: done.  Your husband needs a new dress shirt and tie for a banquet: done. You need a few basic wardrobe staples and you're on a budget: JCPenney ALWAYS has a sale. You need a new set of sheets because fussy Aunt Mabel is coming to visit: done.

And, what you can't find in most stores, you can certainly find in the catalog or online, and this includes everything from fine jewelry to cookware and almost all of it is usually on sale or can be thanks to the many sales hosted by the store. that we have the foundation set for why the arrival of the JCPenney's catalog is somewhat meaningful to me, imagine my surprise and, well, not disappointment, but rather discombobulation, when I found myself staring at a cowl-neck collar sweater in the new catalog. The horizontal stripes were graduated from close together to farther apart. The top half was loose, but the lower portion was fitted from beneath your chest down to your waist.

Hmmm...this looked, well, familiar.  Somewhere, I'd seen this before. Oh wait...I owned this sweater once...I bought it with babysitting money...back in...1978.


I flipped the page and found myself staring at argyle sweaters. Argyle...seriously?  Do all of you even remember argyle? It was popular back in 1981, during my freshman year of college, when everyone was wearing Bass loafers, along with pink and kelly green striped polo shirts with little ponies on them.

Another flip of the page and awwwwwk!

High-waisted mommy pants!

Okay. That was almost enough for me to close the catalog and vow never to return to JCPenney's again. The return of high waisted dress pants or jeans will turn me completely Bohemian and force me to wear baggy drawstring linen slacks, along w/Birkenstocks, into eternity.

But my shock at finding this trip down fashion memory lane within the pages of the new JCPenney fall catalog was too perplexing to stop looking at this point. I felt kind of like a voyeur driving by a terrible car accident: you don't want to look and see the carnage, but you can't help but look and see the carnage. 

A flip of a few more pages revealed, actually, a few very cute high waisted skirts that I'd kill to buy and wear if only I worked in an office and actually had a place to wear them.

And all of this, of course, was mixed together with the newly designed and popular Gladiator shoe, which, alas and sigh, I just do NOT "get" and, will be the topic of a future blog entry...

But I digress...

So there I am, visions of argyle, cowl collars and high waisted slacks dancing in my head when I flip to page 27 (this is the actual page; I am not making this up) to find a picture of three models all standing on wooden chairs, smiling in that JCPenney-catalog-model-posed way, all wearing...


You know what I'm talking about. Floods.  Jeans that are too short. Jeans that the very uncool kid had to wear cuz her mom didn't believe in jeans rubbing on the floor and fraying, so Mom hemmed them up just above the breaking point on your foot, and all of the other kids in school made fun of you for wearing your jeans a) hemmed up and b) too short. Not that I speak from experience. Okay, well, I do speak from experience here...

But none the less...I digress.

I am puzzled w/the JCPenney fall catalog this year and am wondering if I just shoulda held onto those 1978 sweaters and jeans all of these years.

Oh wait...buried deep in the recesses of my guest room closet...there is a very special pair of pink satin disco pants. No, I am not making this up. This is a true story, but do not try this at home.

Hmmm...I acquired those in approximately 1979...and if I lost about 10 pounds, I KNOW they would fit...maybe just in time for the holiday season...

Suddenly, I just cannot WAIT for the JCPenney Christmas catalog filled w/holiday satin and sequins to arrive...


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