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Waiting for dirty laundry

Okay, to reference an old Don Henley song, it feels like we're between sets of dirty laundry...

The whole hoopla regarding Tiger Woods has settled down, mostly because he and his wife have seemingly vanished...or at least nestled themselves into corners of the world where even the most ruthless paparazzi can't afford to go (being a billionaire will get ya that far away, I guess...).

The Tigers Woods scandal was knocked off the page when that airliner almost blew up somewhere in the airspace too close to my home for comfort...  And poor little Brittney Murphy died in there somewhere and she was just famous enough for people to pause and think, "Huh..."

And what was the big gossip news before Tiger?  The Gosselins? Their divorce was finalized somewhere in the midst of the height of the Tiger scandal, so no one actually noticed...and they made headlines for months and months...

So what's next?  You just know that at some point in the next week or two, something big is gonna happen...the most fabulous Hollywood couple will break up (Tom Cruise will finally admit those gay rumors are true because he and Brad Pitt are just so in love...can you imagine those two Hollywood Supercouples breaking up over such news???), some act of terrorism will catch our attention, someone famous will die or pull some kind of Brittney Spears...

What's the most wild n crazy thing you can think is gonna happen in the world next???  Post your comments in the next 24 hours!  :)


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