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Out of the Closet

This weekend, my life in clothes came tumbling out of the closet and boy, oh boy, does it feel good.

Just as you would find inside the closets of many women, in my bedroom closet hung a wide variety of clothing sizes, all purchased to coincide with the wide load called my butt.

While searching for a particular item the other day, I got exasperated at the number of items I had to flip thru that just are not in my current size, but are items that are perhaps "classic" in nature that I just don't wish to part with, lest my wide load slims down when I someday decide to go to the gym again (update: okay, this past weekend I DID join the gym again, so hopefully my wide load will slim down...). 

And the thing is, my weight does fluctuate. Not good, probably not healthy, but a reality of life nonetheless. And, a pair of black dress pants is a pair of black dress pants, no matter what size. Why get rid of a perfectly good  size 8 pair of slacks just because I am currently wearing a size 12?

And that's what it came down to: a range of sizes. In my closet, I sorted through and a large stack of size 8 clothing, a medium stack of size 10 and a smaller stack of sized 12. There are more size 8s because that is the size I have been most of my adult life...but then life throws me an emotional curveball (job stress, lovelife stress, etc) and the pounds come creeping on.

At any rate, after I'd made my neat and orderly piles, my closet could finally breathe. While I knew I wasn't ready to get rid of the smaller clothing sizes I am not currently wearing (I'm working on it!), I also knew they could not head back into the closet.

So, off to WalMart I went and purchased two free-standing wardrobes. Within minutes, I had put them together in my basement and had toted all of my smaller sizes downstairs. Each size has its own wardrobe. When the scale moves south, so will my search for clothes.

It also became very obvious to me that I never, ever need to purchase clothing again in my life, save for bras, underwears and maybe a few miscellaneous items such as tank tops.  Years ago I got over purchasing too many "trendy" items and most of what I found in my closet really and truly is versatile enough that it won't necessarily look "dated". (Okay, I do admit I have a few pairs of acid washed jeans from the 80s, along with one very special pair of pink satin pants from the actual, disco-inspired 70s, and I just KNOW they will all be in style again someday!)

I have enough pairs of Levis in my favorite 515 low-rise style to open an outlet store.

How do you deal with closet clutter? Am I off-base to think I will ever fit into my fav size 8 jeans again?  Do you harbor similar beliefs???

Stay tuned for an update on my adventures at the gym and my efforts to lose some major poundage.  :)


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