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Rockin' the 80s

'Fess watched the Golden Globes just to see the dresses!  So did we! As usual, many beautiful, a few f--u-g-l-y, and a few strange. But clearly something old is new again on the red carpet: poofy sleeves and shoulder pads! The 80s are BACK! Just check out the dresses worn by Anne Hathaway (fab-u-lous!), Angelina Jolie (didn't rock it for me) and Leighton Meister (eh...not so fab)...all have the distinctive gathered poofy sleeves and/or shoulder pads first made popular in the 80s...what do you think of this it a "do" or a "don't"? Will you wear something with poofy sleeves or shoulder pads before 2011 is over?


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