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Let's all be happy and gay!

Last week Iowa, today Vermont...tomorrow the world.

Let the gay wedding bells begin to ring. Today the Vermont legislature voted to allow same-sex marriage. This comes following a state supreme court ruling in Iowa last week that also allows gay couples in that state to get married beginning April 24.

Pretty impressive, eh?  Am wondering if there will be a mass exodus of gay people to one of the four states -- Connecticut and Massachusetts are the other two -- that allow gay marriage.  I certainly wouldn't blame anyone for moving to a location that respects their full and 100 percent rights as individuals.

See, I've always viewed the gay marriage issue as the issue of the new millenium that mimicks the Civil Rights movement of the 60s. Back then, in those ever so long ago (but not really) archaic days, the good old United States of America used to discriminate -- legally, mind you --against people of color (and sex, but that's another issue).  Just because your skin was darker than mine, I could ask you to get your behind out of a seat on a bus so I could sit my weary feet down. Never you mind that bus riding in crowded metro areas has always been a first-come, first served deal.

All because of the color of someone's skin.

Sounds ludicrous, doesn't it?

I suspect that in 40 years, once gay marriage is legal across the United States, children will study this issue in school and will learn about how we used to discriminate against people based on the sex of their life partner and what we assume they must do in their bedrooms, just like children today learn about those archaic days when we discriminated against people based on the color of their skin.

While I do not wish my old age upon myself, I look forward to that day. And for right now, I say, "High five!" to Vermont...and Iowa, Connecticut and Massachusetts.  And here's hoping that before I turn 85, we are once again in these great United States, living "with liberty and justice for all."


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