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You can't have your tea and eat it, too

Boy oh boy oh boy.

What would we do without the Republican party? (Well, actually, now that I think about it...wouldn't it be fun to find out?  But I digress...)

Yesterday, the RP helped sponsor and organize "tea parties" across the nation in order to protest taxation and the spending policies of the current presidential administration.

Even in the small berg of Port Huron, where the Home Office of Getaway Girl Greetings is located, approximately 1,000 people -- that's 500 x2!!! -- gathered on the streets to participate in this protest.

Our hometown semi-pro hockey team can't get 1,000 people to show up on many game nights, so this tells me people are cheesed off about these new spending policies and the ginormous national debt we've accumulated, apparently, per the RP, in just the last three months since President Obama took the Oath of Office.

Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy.  What would we do without the Republican party? (And again, someday I'd like to find out...but I'm again digressing...)

What would we poor misguided Democrats do w/out the Grand Ol' RP jumping right on top of this federal deficit thing, yes sirree Bob.  Boy oh boy. There they are, all flag wavin' and shoutin' and protesting -- with signs and all! -- about the atrocities of the federal spending spree that President Obama has gone on, all in the interest of boosting the nation's ginormous economic crisis.

"I found myself holding my new grandson last week and apologizing for what our country is doing to his future," said one Macomb Township, Michigan woman in an article in the Times Herald of Port Huron.

Aw, now Granny, that's mighty generous of you, goin' and apologizing for the economic mess this country is in, especially considering that the only time in the last 20 years that this country has had a balanced budget was during the Clinton Administration.  The last time I checked, Clinton was a Democrat.

And, if my apparently fading memory serves me correctly, the entire economic downturn started about the time we began our so-called "War on Terror", particularly when that war led us into Iraq, where many a good U.S. soldier has lost his and her life, all for the purpose of basically pleasing the U.S. oil interests, many of whom have companies based in President George W's homestate of Texas. (But psssst...that's not something we're really supposed to talk about...)

So, Granny from Macomb Township, Michigan, it is, indeed, mighty generous of you to apologize to your newly born grandchild for the very war and the ginormous federal deficit that began accumulating on approximately September 12, 2001.

While certainly, when most U.S. citizens woke up on September 12, 2001, we expected that our nation might take action against the cowardly terrorists who so boldly gripped our fearful nation in their bloody hands for the days and weeks that followed (and many of us, even the most liberal of us, secretly wanted someone to pay for the damage and sense of security we all lost that day), we didn't expect our troops to begin marching into the desert and mountains of far away lands that month and still find themselves there almost eight long years later.

Even our involvement in World War II was over within five years.

But boy oh boy oh boy...that Grand Ol' Republican Party.  What would we do without them?  Just what would we do without them?

And wouldn't it be even grander to find out?


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