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Time for Girl’s Night Out!

You’ve gotten your posse to commit to one night…now what? Some fun and cool ideas for a Girl’s Night Out include:

Go to the theatre.

Buy a block of seats at the nearest local or regional theatre and watch a play together, then grab dinner and drinks together while you’re out for the evening.

Go see a movie.

Pick a chick flick currently showing at your local movie house and anyone who is available can come along and purchase her ticket at the door. Again, plan for dinner and drinks after the show!

Spa Night.

Some spas offer group discounts on manicures, pedicures and other spa treatments. Contact the spas in your area and find out if they will remain open late for your group, or if they have a private area where your group can receive treatments together.

Game Night.

It doesn’t matter what card game or board game you play, just have everyone bring along a passing dish and something to drink and: no boys allowed! Just the women-folk are allowed to come and challenge one another.

Beach Day.

Summer is coming! Plan a day at the beach with no husbands, no kids and no worries! Everyone should bring a good book, a beach towel and some strong sunscreen.

Comedy Night.

Find a comedy club in your area and reserve a table for the girls. Get one up front and your group can usually interact with the comedian. This is a fun way to share laughs with good friends!