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Making the Most of Outlet Mall Shopping

Pile your gal pals in the car and make sure you take the vehicle with the biggest trunk: you’re headed to an outlet mall!

Outlet mall shopping is appealing because of the allure of finding unbeatable bargains on designer items we might not otherwise purchase.

However, savvy shoppers know that while you can absolutely find great deals on the racks at outlet malls, it is important to know what you are looking for and how much you might pay in an ordinary store before making major purchases.

Tanger, Inc., owns outlet malls across the United States and offers these tips to maximizing your outlet mall shopping experience:

Plan Ahead.

Before you head for the local outlet mall, check its website to learn about any web specials offered by tenant stores.

Make A List Of Specific Items You Are Looking To Find.

Outlet shopping can be overwhelming; don't make the mistake of leaving without the one thing you came for in the first place. When shopping for other people, make a note of their sizes and favorite colors ahead of time.

Visit the Shopper Services desk.

Upon arrival, check in at the shopper services desk. Most every mall has one. Inquire about the availability of discount coupons, updated store information, current sales and promotions in progress. Make sure to pick up a center brochure which provides a map of the store locations if you didn’t get one in advance.

Shop Smart To Avoid The Most Crowded Time Of The Day.

Maximize shopping time by going during the week instead of weekends, when stores are less crowded.

The More The Merrier.

Shopping with friends or family members is always more fun and can lead to a more efficient shopping trip. For instance, when one person is trying on clothes, the others can be getting additional items and acting as fashion consultant. Remember, it's always best to have someone you trust with you when trying on clothing. Also, if check out lines get long, one can stay in line while the others go on to scout the next shop. Additionally, you can take advantage of multiple discounts when shopping in a pair. If stores are offering a two-for-one special and you only need one, you can team up with one of your outlet shopping partners to share the added savings.

Check Return Policies.

Before making your purchase, check the store's return policy. Contrary to what most people believe, outlet stores now offer return policies similar to other retail establishments. Some will accept returns with no questions asked and offer cash refunds, while others will give store credit. This makes it safe to buy gifts which can be returned or exchanged, if necessary.